Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Small Steps for Kensington - #3

Shameless promotion #3

Wednesday night's Kensington Call to Action! Be a part of a core group of motivated individuals to remove graffiti and campaign for trees on Church Ave! The informal meeting will discuss the sign up for city graffiti removal (and later organize a painting day) as well as getting all those empty tree spots down Church Ave filled. We're hoping this group grows into doing more local good works and ask people to bring ideas as well as developed plans on how to implement them! While writing this blog we've made quite a few city and non-profit contacts and will be sure to help in any way we can... you may just meet people who have the same ideas and form your own community plan.

Kensington Call to Action!

Wednesday, June 13th, at 7.30
Corner of Ocean Pkwy and Church Ave in front of the Parkway pharmacy (531 Church Ave)