Saturday, June 9, 2007

KWT CSA Kick Off!

We popped our heads into the KWT CSA today even though we're on a B pick up week and were amazed at all the participants! We got to talk to Bill really briefly as he was pretty swamped with opening day activities and found out the CSA had to cap its membership b/c the Garden of Eve farm couldn't supply us with any more produce/veggies etc. We thought this was pretty exciting although we felt for all those who got turned away and the organizers for the work it obviously took to get this thing together. (Thanks Eliot, Gina, Susan, and Bill!!!!)

For all of you picking up for the first time next week remember to bring bags! The CSA does not provide bags and the produce is essentially out on tables and you are trusted to take your allotted amount. Today we saw strawberries, asparagus, mesclun, radishes, rhubarb, some lettuce and a few other things... how exciting! (We've posted some pictures of the loot below, enjoy!)