Monday, June 4, 2007

66 Update

Working hard to drive down the crime rate - 66th Police Precinct salutes crackerjack cop (Courier Life - 6/2/07)

According to the most recent police statistics, crime is down by just over seven percent for the year. As of May 20, a total of 469 felony crimes were reported, 37 fewer than the 506 reported during the same month in 2006. As of the meeting on May 17, no homicides had been reported to the command, officials said. The highest drop in crime – other than rape, which saw a fifty percent reduction for the year – was in car thefts, which fell by nearly 38 percent over the last five months. By May 20, 2006, 88 cars had been reported stolen to the cops in the 16th Avenue stationhouse, statistics show. At the same time this year, 55 car thefts were reported. Burglaries in the command have also fallen – by just over 26 percent, according to statistics.

The only two crimes that have shown an increase in the 66th Precinct so far this year has been in grand larcenies, or non-violent thefts of $1,000 or more – which also include credit card and identity theft – and felony assaults, which suffered a slight uptick in numbers, from 49 by the end of May, 2006 to 52 this year. Over the past month, felony crime in the 66th Precinct fell by nearly 12 percent, statistics show.