Thursday, June 7, 2007

Virgin Ads Hit Kensington

So we have to say at first we felt a little ignored then today we spotted one... yep, that's right Kensington got a Virgin Mobile ad. (Honestly, it could have been there a week for all we know. We seriously didn't look around for them until all the hoopla). Lots of people were offended by the Bed-Stuy ad and Chelsea and Murray Hill ones were just plain dumb. Regardless we got one. Of course its a generic 'Brooklyn, You Rule' not 'Kensington, You Rule' (guffaw). We can't expect that the ad execs to sit around and develop an idea for every freakin' neighborhood (even if Kensington has been around long before many other cooler nabes and named in the 1800s). Here's what we're proposing... lets come up with one! We came up with something very quickly but go on discuss and make it real good so we can forward to the execs at Virgin.

Kensington, You Rule
So you're not Park Slope but you don't want to be! You're a good mix of all things when we know most of New York City has thrown away the pot (melting pot that is!). You're not just Moms or hipsters or yuppies and you're not part of the commercialization of Brooklyn... you just are. We know you're experiencing a bit of a resurgence and even though some people don't like it you'll be psyched to get a few more trees! Kensington the world comes to you and our cell phone plans can help you get in touch with those left in other places, be it Fort Green or Bangladesh or Mexico. [insert V mobile plan logistics]