Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chester Ave featured in NY Times SketchPad

A 3-family house that has been listed with Corcoran for a few weeks now is the subject of this Sunday's SketchPad in the NY Times. Although we think the description for Chester is pretty drab since it and the surrounding blocks are some of our favorites, the overall article and accompanying slide show is very interesting.

Brooklyn by Way of ‘Twin Peaks’ (NY Times)

They said they had arrived at 20 Chester Street in Brooklyn, only to find a juvenile detention complex, across the street from vacant and deteriorated buildings. They called for directions, and the woman who is selling the house at 20 Chester Avenue gave them a landmark: Green-Wood Cemetery, only half a block away.

Sheila McCarthy, the real estate agent for the sale, suggested that “for those who like celebrities, Rudolph Valentino is buried there.” The 4,000-square-foot red-brick house is priced at $1.15 million.

Side note: We're pretty sure there is no juvenile detention center on Chester or abandoned buildings! In fact, Chester may be one of the cutest blocks around (as is that whole little section past Dahill). They may have been further down in Borough Park when they got lost. The cute row houses on Chester are all filled and *sigh* typically get bought up in an instant.