Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hip Mention... Again?!

The following is from a recent Time Out NY article, Why the hipster must die

Power will be consolidated in the frontiers of the outer boroughs as the Vicious tighten their grip on Bushwick and the Sweet flee south to Kensington and Windsor Terrace, or give up and move to Queens (better yet, to their rightful home: the West Coast).

We really don't get what the whole article was talking about cause honestly it bored us. We just skimmed to the part on our nabe and stopped. Anyway, we're sort of laughing to ourselves, yet again, that we're being recognized for something hipster-ish. At the end of the day, we dig all people hipster, non-hipster, etc. etc. and think any press for the hood is good.

To all those naysayers out there... Even though we'd like a coffee shop one coffee shop does not a hip nieghborhood make. Nor do a few hipsters! So why not have a little fun w it and dream about the day Dennys is filled with those kids who ride the bikes without brakes (and gears). Wouldn't it be fun to protest the trucks on Caton with a bike mass like the one the 'cool' kids got together for during the Republican National Convention. We knew there was a reason why we liked hipsters! Move here come on!