Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Small Steps for Kensington - #1

We here in Kensington Brooklyn are all about the small steps. We realize things don't change over night and work hard to get the word out about our lack of services both business related and city supplied. The city supplied ones (or lack thereof) are the real kickers for us though! Don't get us wrong we know there are lots of other hoods who have problems with dog poo and garbage but if the can is full why do we only get bi-weekly pick up?! We digress... We've always maintained the reason for some of our garbage strewn streets and poo piles is because of our lack of cans and not just irregular pick up.

Well, welcome ole mighty cherished garbage can! That's right, we got a new one on the corner of East 5th and Caton Ave. (Rejoice dog owners!) Of course, this comes with a catch... Because this is not a bi-weekly pick up spot (which doesn't make sense to us 'cause its only one of our major tertiaries!) but a weekly pick up spot the can is only here on a trial basis. That's right people use the can sparingly cause if gets too full instead of making it a regular pick up spot sanitation will just remove the can. Oh 311 why oh why do you tease us in this way!