Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Development Misc.

So there are a ton more we missed today...
Kensington Stables, Fort Hamilton Pkwy, as well as the mysterious yet to be built ? on Ocean Pkwy near Beverly. Plus we didn't even get to the sales (or lack there of) happening at Park Circle and the townhouses on E7th. Oh and we've also noticed that the building at Ocean Pkwy near Cortelyou has people living in it... Did it go rental or remain condo? We don't know but we did see a Mac in the window of one of the apartments so that means who ever is living there is cool, right?
In the meantime, we're kind of wondering why the lot on E5th and Caton (which was a house 3 years ago before it burnt down) is still development free. The lot is listed with Prudential and boosts on the sign that it is approved for luxury condos (we'll get a pic of this we promise) yet there are none there or any movement which considering all this new construction is quite curious.