Sunday, November 11, 2007

Praise and Comments!

Dear Kensington Blog,

I have been a great fan and participant since your first posting. I love the sense of community it has offered me and my immediate neighbors- a virtual coffee shop of sorts. You have helped us define who we are and what we hope to be. It has been a great blog and I admire and appreciate all of your hard work. It saddens me that a handful of folks have managed to hijack this forum and temporarily destroy the good will and generous spirit which are the true heart of Kensington. So many community building relationships have emerged from this blog that serve as proof positive that with time and patience the emergence of a new, vibrant, and welcoming Kensington is inevitable.

Thanks again for all of your hard work!
M on Chester

Thanks M from Chester. This blog is a labor of love and much more work then people imagine. We also can't make everyone happy which is why we really want contributions and help, email us please! Anyway, the comments section is something we struggle with.... What is the deal w all the snarky comments? We constantly get emails to have a log in and we hesitate on that b/c we don't necessarily want to be mediator or regulator. Plus the open forum has allowed for some real positive interactions that we think would cease with that extra step of logging in. We'll do our best to delete the more absurd and rude but sometimes life takes over and we don't even look at the blog for a full day while at work. That being said follow the rules of kindergarten and play nice!