Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Hunt - Simone in WT

This week's real estate section did a Hunt piece on a couple that moved into a studio at the Simone. We know its not in Kensington (above our borders a bit in WT) but thought it was interesting regardless. The Hunt - Life Lessons Learned (NY Times, 11/25/07).

Anyway, we liked the article b/c its main point "A goal to spend less and get more led to Brooklyn’s Windsor Terrace." is why we ended up in Kensington! We looked at spaces 1/2 or even 1/4 the size in other more hip hoods but realized space and safety (and general convenience easy walk to the F train or quick bus to Q) outweighed the "prime" Brooklyn location. We like being close to the park and a short bicycle ride away from a variety of restaurants when we need them. We also like that we're not killing ourselves over a huge rent/ mortgage. Of course, its all about what's important to you individually but have made a lot of friends here who had the same idea which is also nice.