Monday, November 5, 2007

Local Officials seek CPU in Kensington

The following is from Rep. Yvette Clarke's newsletter....

Clarke To Secure CPU in Kensington
To better serve the residents of Kensington, I have taken steps to secure a contract postal unit for this neighborhood. A Contract Postal Unit allows customers to maximize their time and cut down on lines at the post office. This venture responds to customer needs in the growing Kensington community to offer postal products and services. The housing of a Contract Postal Unit in a business is beneficial to all as it increases foot traffic where it is located and allows the post office to meet the high demands of the neighborhood it services. Retailers that participate in the Contract Postal Unit program are provided USPS branding rights and signage. This is one step to help improve the postal needs in the Kensington community. To learn more about how your neighborhood can secure Contract Postal Units or how to start the bidding process, please contact my District Office at 718-287-1142

We're pretty sure deBlasio has been instrumental in this as well and believe his office is running a workshop for interested business owners. Besides Ms. Clarke's office we would also suggest getting in touch w Tom at de Blasio's office if you're interested.