Thursday, November 15, 2007

ANA Meeting Run down

Albemarle Neighborhood Assoc. (ANA)
Year end meeting 11/15 at Shaare Torah
The ANA meeting this evening included some local officers from the 66. The officers from the 66 were full of information and helpful. We were told in the last 28 days there has been only one robbery but a large number of car burglaries. We also had the chance to speak directly w Officer Cohen who assured us that although there were complaints of the phone at the 66 not being answered w any regularity the response through 911 and 311 is always prompt. Unfortunately, there is one desk cop who deals with the 66 line, the 311 complaints and walk ins. We have to say the 66 has always been very responsive to community complaints (we were lucky enough to meet Cohen and his team at a Dahill Neighborhood Assoc. meeting last Spring). That being said the recent robbery on Greenwood and E5th St is not in the 66 borders but we have noticed an officer stationed at the Playground the last 3 evenings on a scooter.

Other ANA news included the news that the next meeting in March will be a membership meeting. We plan on assisting the ANA do some outreach to the newer neighbors and another local was enlisted to get the group online. All and all a very productive and positive move forward.

The ANA has been in existence in this 'hood for over 30 years. The ANA was the local group that hosted Foodtown for its outreach meeting to the community regarding its renovations as well as many other local businesses like the Old Savoy (which is now student housing) and Walgreens. ANA was also instrumental in petitioning deBlasio and other local representatives to get the DOE Fund on Church Ave. Keep the March meeting in mind and come out to support the community (annual dues by the way are a whooping $12 and used to cover copying costs and refreshments at the meetings).