Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Local Review: To-B-Thai

Recent review of To-B-Thai at Beverly off Church Ave (down the block from Walgreens).

My meal Saturday night in Kensington, at the unpretentious To-B-Thai, was like falling in love, but less complicated and more satisfying. You know what I mean. We started with a crisp yet succulent Mango Salad, followed by the most sublime excuse for Curry Puffs that have ever fallen from heaven. Seriously. I was tingling in places that haven’t tingled in decades. It was only the strict restraint of my dining companions that prevented me from ordering two more plates of puffs and retreating to a private table. Gratefully, I succumbed to their guidance and held off until my Pad Kee-Mow arrived. How can I possibly convey the ecstasy of these noodles? Is meltingly firm even possible? Fresh basil, a brisk kiss of cilantro, and a squeeze of lemon gently lift this dish out of the realm of the merely lascivious and into the sublime. If it weren’t for the gasps of pleasure coming from the next table, I might have been self-conscious about my dining experience; instead, the small room was soon infused with a buzzy contentment.
If you will not do it for me (and you should; I am a nice person, and as deserving of good luck as anyone,) then do it for yourself. Support this fine family restaurant to insure that Kensington will continue to have Thai that I maybe wouldn’t die for, but might just kill.

After we take a cold shower we're ordering from To-B-Thai!