Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kensington Stories

Good news and bad news. Ron created a spin off blog and the won't be profiling his stories here any longer. We'll be updating you w his updates and he's got a new one up right now.
Kensington Stories (by Ron Lopez)

Here's a little bit of the new one.... Some Bad Habits
As I sat in my third grade classroom in PS 179 I could hear them roaring towards us. From my desk I could look out the window and see their long yellow roofs. They parked in front of the school entrance way on Avenue C. With their diesel engines just clattering away, I knew it was my time to go. On every Wednesday at 2 o’clock my stomach would start to hurt. It was time for the public school Christians to leave our sanctuary of bliss and head North up East 3rd street to The Immaculate Heart of Mary school.