Thursday, November 29, 2007

From the Inbox

Here's what we got:
Just a heads up on a small ongoing neighborly battle here. The management at the Caton Towers has been using the sidewalk on East 7th St (near Freil Pl) as a dumping area for their weekly trash pickup. That's fine and all however some weeks the pile of garbage is literally 10' high and takes up the entire sidewalk forcing pedestrians out into the street. Besides all that it smells bad, it's a reason why all the stray cats stick around in that area, and rats routinely dig through this mountain o' trash. I called the Department of Sanitation last night after the trash was there for two days without being picked up and they told me that they could do nothing since they haven't done anything wrong. They agreed that it is unsightly and a detraction for us who live on the street but legally they can't do anything. They suggest that the neighbors start to complain directly to the building management and ask them to buy a container and use a private carting company.
Any Caton Tower residents out there w some connection to management who can help out your neighbors on Freil and E7th?