Sunday, November 18, 2007

Astoria Federal - BIG NO to Planters/ Trees

Our local petitioner (Petition for Trees Sent to Astoria Fed.) got word from the marketing department at Astoria Federal -they are not interested in planting trees or adding planters.
Here's what we got:
AF said don't want to water them and they don't have the "resources" to clean the garbage in the tree planters if and when it collects. They just have "no interest in that at all." I told her that that was not a very neighborly approach considering they own such a large corner of the neighborhood . I asked her where she lives (Long Island) and asked her if she has trees on her commercial strip (um, yes). I also informed her that the city will go ahead and plant trees in front of their property if the community wants it (which the community does). And she said, that is fine, then the city will take care of them. I informed her that AF will have to water and clean the planters but the only difference is that the community forced them to comply with our wishes instead AF making the gesture to be a good neighbor.
We've heard some neighbors are also concerned that the main door to the bank is not locking in the evening. (Even after repeated complaints to the bank's management). AF also does not use it's 'resources' to clean in front of the bank or even add garbage cans near the main entrance (which Walgreen's did that helped cut down on litter). We got word there may be some local outreach to Commerce asking for a shuttle bus to bring elderly residents to its bank at Park Circle. We're all for it... besides these minor cosmetic complaints know many neighbors have been appalled at the service they receive at AF which was 'aired' to management at a recent ANA meeting this year.