Thursday, November 15, 2007

Old Brick

From the inbox:
Just wanted to let you and the readers of the blog know we went to Old Brick w some neighborhood friends last Friday night and had a great experience. I'd never been there before and didn't know the owners but we thought we'd give it a try and were glad we did. The food was awesome and the owners Eddie and Mike were really nice. They even asked if they could take some pictures of us to include on the website they are creating b/c they want to reach out to the entire community. I said to them I was always sort of hesitant to go in b/c I heard it was a social club and they laughed and said no its just friends and family who are coming to support the business. The food they said is actually all their Grandmother's recipes that they have to call back to Macedonia to get! Also both Mike and Eddie we learned live in the neighborhood with their families so I hope you can post this in support. Also I've attached a few pics from Mike (I asked him to send them to me for the blog which he had heard about). Hope you'll post in support of a good local restaurant since I know we are so in need of them. (Try the goulash, burekas or chevapi kebab when you go). I'm pretty happy to have tried Old Brick and think the readers of the blog would like it too.
X from Albemarle
I know what we're doing this weekend!