Saturday, November 24, 2007

Closer to home....?

We're always happy to hear of new amenities and conveniences south of the park. We typically bike up the hill for a retail or restaurant fix but are more then happy to do it here. Actually we've found plenty of places to go along Coney Island Ave and in other enclaves a short bus ride or bike ride from Kensington. Many of you have probably already heard that the times in mid-Brooklyn are a changin' and big box and smaller retailers are realizing their is a population here. Of course, we have our very own Estelle which opened up a week ago as well as a few shops on Cortelyou but another Brooklyn blog brings news of Canal Jeans and Shakespeare book sellers at the 'Junction' (where Nostrand meets Flatbush). We've never ventured out that way but remember the old store down in SOHO so will definitely give it a try.
Brooklyn Junction blog (Canal Jeans)
Ditmas Park blog (see business roll on the right)
Estelle's Grand Opening (Kensington blog)