Monday, March 19, 2007

Kensington Wish List

Meeting today with di Blasio representative to discuss the following...

General beautification of the area (and status of work)
1. Garbage removal and extra trash cans placed on McDonald and Church as well as Caton b/w McDonald and Ocean

2. Trees planted on Church, McDonald, Caton, Ft. Hamilton

3. Graffiti removal - currently graffiti litters many private homes and mailboxes along the side streets and major road ways and has not been cleaned by the city on public mailboxes etc.

4. Historical street lamps added instead of ‘70s version plus some new street lights (Tehama St. need lights).

5. Sidewalk replacement and cleaning on Church Ave especially near McDonald Ave.

6. Status of current work on McDonald. Status of the on-going street repair and timeliness of its completion

7. Status of current work on Church Ave. F entrance on Albemarle and McDonald. Status of the repair and timeliness of its completion (no work seems to be started).

8. Enforcement of no truck policy on Caton Ave. (need law enforcement ticketing during rush hours)

9. Foodtown. Cited for multiple health violations. Will they stay open? What do our officials know about it?

10. Speed bump on Ft. Hamilton and East 5th (b/w school and park off ramp)

Business Improvement/ Economic Development
11. Funding from the City/State for business development (in area) to encourage a greater variety of small businesses. (Any empowerment zone programs available through the city/state?)

12. Status of Bricklane (bar?) on Church Ave b/w Ocean Pkwy and East 5th. Work seemed to be completed in the Fall yet still unopened…

13. Status on the big building up for sale on McDonald Avenue between Albemarle and Church Ave. It was formerly a nursing home that had many available rooms when Katrina hit. The owner brought in Katrina victims but when they left, the building had too many vacancies and couldn't afford to go on. We should know if there are any restrictions on building use and whether our elected reps are keeping an eye on this.