Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kensington Action Force (KAF)

Did a little searching today and found the KAF. Emailed a bit with Mr. Sidney Zelman who runs the Force. Seems they essentially deal with safety and crime issues in the neighborhood. From the recent meeting minutes which was held March 6th "Kensington Action Force acts as an effective education and communication vehicle between Kensington residents and our public officials".

To join or get involved in KAF use the email below to contact Mr. Zelman.
Kensington Action Force
4520 18th Ave.

KAF meetings held at IS 62, 700 Cortelyou Road (entrance on E7th St.)
Meetings begin at 7.25pm
Public Meetings: May 15th 2007, September 18th 2007, November 6th 2007