Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dog Run @ Greenwood Playground

I've been promoting the site on walks with the dog in the neighborhood drumming up conversations with fellow dog owners to see what their opinions are on a small dog run in Greenwood Playground. Okay well the people have spoken and they want it (as does the doggie in the picture).

I originally thought there would be two areas to explore - 1. the small fenced in yard off Greenwood Playground on the north corner of E5th and Fort Hamilton and 2. the random fenced in park up the block from the playground on E5th near the small white church. The people I met today have heard that the larger (#2) area was fenced b/c a resident was unhappy with people not cleaning up after thier dogs (I also have a huge issue with this b/c it gives us all a bad name!).

Regardless, I know some dogs had been playing in yard #1 earlier in the year and some signs were put up disallowing the practice. I'm not sure what the problem was but I think some mesh on the bottom of the fence for the smaller dogs and a garbage can for the doggie doo is all we would really need. Oh and maybe a communial doggie water dish for the warmer months. Consider the dog run officially added to the wish list.