Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Destroy by Development

On my afternoon walks with the dog I've stumbled upon new development after new development rising with for sale signs (and usually the listing agent is Corcoran). Some of these new developments are better then others and some just blow my mind with their complete inappropriateness (Simone and Park Circle). I guess I just wonder why any of this is even needed when there is beatiful building after beautiful building down Ocean Pkwy that any of these rich buyers could toss in 50K to make a sick apartment and maintain the integrity of the block. Putting aside the buyers for a minute I get the sense that many developers hear Brooklyn is booming and come to dig and make a buck.
I think most Kensington neighbors (and probably a lot of Brooklynites) are like me and are here not because it's the IT place to be but because of the community, the amenities, and the fact that city living with mass transit and small business is important to how I live my life. It's dissappointing to watch neighborhoods created by true activists get taken over by Wall St. boomers and kids w a downpayment from Mom and Dad. Recently in a NY Times article "Betting on Star Power" the developer was hoping to attract the Manhattan buyers to Brooklyn through luxury but does Brooklyn want that buyer? And in the meantime do the non-luxury buildings need to just be tossed up so aimlessly without any forethought on the surronding community and homes?
Note: All 4 pictures above are literally within a 6 block radius in Kensington. My favorite is the Melrose type condo's (listing agent, Corcoran) located on E7th and Beverly.