Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Graffiti Clean-up Request

Since our neighborhood's recent run-in with the infamous "backfat" there has been a huge increase in graffiti. I thought it would be helpful to get a complete list of major tag locations and phone it in to 311. I know of the following:
side of private house on E5th and Caton
fence of private house on E4th and Caton
garage door of private house on E4th (closer to Albemarle)

Please post any locations you know of and I'll make a comprehensive list. From there we should all bombard 311 with clean up requests. Unfortunatly, NYC.Gov may need a physical request but I'm sure if they get enough calls there will be some action.
How do I have my building cleaned if I am not involved with a civic group?
If you are not involved with a civic group and have property that has been vandalized by graffiti, you can request that City remove the graffiti. To have the City remove the graffiti you must send in a properly filled out waiver form with a letter from the building owner requesting the City to remove the graffiti.
From Kensington Action Force (KAF)
There is a FREE graffiti program sponsored by the Mayor’s office, the Sanitation Department and the office of Boro President Markowitz, currently available. Call the Boro President’s Hotline 718-802-3777 and request that a “permission to remove graffiti” form be sent to you. Complete and return the signed form to the Boro President’s Office. Community residents, who feel disgusted, when passing graffiti filled locations are encouraged to obtain forms and have both residents and store owners sign and mail/fax the permission forms to the Boro Presidents office(number and address on the form). Kensington businesses and residents have had their graffiti removed under this excellent program. NYC Mayor’s office truck will wash graffiti from business and homes, in the 66th and 70th precinct that have submitted signed authorization forms