Friday, March 23, 2007

ANA Meeting Update!

Last night I attended my first Albemarle Neighborhood Assocation (ANA) meeting and was truly astounded and impressed at the Executive Board’s commitment and involvement to the neighborhood. The president, Larry Jayson, has been living in Kensington for over 30 years as have many of the other members. The information he and his team had to offer was great and the work they have done as the neighborhood has changed through these many years is commendable.

For me and the other first time attendees (mostly new residents) it was an eye opening yet positive meeting. We learned that the neighborhood created a BID over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the effort was quickly abandoned as business owners high-tailed it to budding Windsor Terrace. Regardless, I think a similar effort if explored now with the involvement of many new residents and community leaders (like the members of the ANA) it could truly succeed. We were also told that 4 years ago the ANA applied for a$6K grant to clean graffiti in the neighborhood… I think it’s time to do this again!

In terms of attendance I think besides me there were seven other first time attendees and our enthusiasm was welcomed with open arms from the ANA. Although nothing was necessarily ‘accomplished’ I have great hopes from the conversation that many of us will be a continued presence in the group and the ANA’s is a force that will help with any efforts we begin. My only true hope going forward is that more neighbors (old and new) begin to attend these neighborhood meetings so we can meet as a community and learn from one another as well as contribute to the good of the area.