Friday, July 8, 2011

Shooting in Kensington Bar by Off-Duty Cop

As two off-duty New York City police officers were leaving the Old Gallery Bar in Kensington, Brooklyn at 4am Thursday morning, when a third man, 21 year-old Jonathan Leduc, came over to one of the cops and asked, “What are you looking at?”

The police officer replied that he was a police officer, pulled out his shield, and said he did not want any problems. Leduc responded by saying “I don’t care who you are.” He then punched the policeman so hard in his head that the cop’s earring was knocked out.

Then Leduc called into the bar, and several additional men came running out, attacking the other officer. Then one of the men, Roberto Negron, 26, punched the policeman and grabbed him and held him in a headlock. The officer took out his gun but it fell out of his hand, and Negron got hold of the gun and started to shoot at the officer, who fled.

When the other officer heard the shots he ran to help his fellow cop. He took out his own gun, crouched down and yelled at Negron to “Drop the gun! Drop the gun!”

Instead Negron continued shooting and the officer shot and hit Negron on the side of his body and in his thigh. Negron was taken to Lutheran Medical Center where he is listed in stable condition.
Kim Royster, the NYPD Deputy Inspector related the incident, and added that the police are still investigating and no charges have yet been filed.