Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brooklyn’s Paul Bunyan Says Anger Made Him Chop Down Tree

In early June a man was caught by surveillance camera chopping down a gingko tree in front of 352 East Eighth Street in Kensington in what was presumed to be a determined heist of a small child’s bicycle.
It turns out the axe murderer is 25 year-old Francisco Marxuach who admits to the deed, but claims he was not motivated by greed but by grudge.

Marxuach explained to New York Post journalists that he lived in that apartment building in the past, and the reason he cut down the 20-foot tall tree was because one of his neighbors in the building had been “very disrespectful” to him.

Judge Evelyn LaPorte of the Brooklyn Criminal Court ordered that Marxuach finish two entire days’ worth of community service. The judge also told Marxuach at his arraignment of June 11 that, as long as he stayed out of any further trouble for the next six months, the charges would be dismissed.