Monday, July 11, 2011

Boro President Markowitz Supplying Champaign at LGBT Nuptials

Brooklyn LGBT couples in a hurry to tie the knot based on the new law which will go into effect on July 24th, need go no further than the Brooklyn Borough Hall to take their vows.

Borough President Marty Markowitz has promised the alternative lifestyle couples a wedding gift: opening the doors of the Borough Hall on the first possible day they can legally wed, even though it is on a Sunday when city offices are usually shut tight.

Markowitz was a addressing a group of LGBT couples and supporters last Wednesday at a ‘Champaign toast’ in celebration of the new same-sex marriage law. “You don’t have to go to Manhattan to get married,” Markowitz said. “You can go right across the street to complete your paperwork, then you can come right back here. We’ll have some judges ready to do the ceremony for you ASAP.”

Markowitz added that the city would even supply photographers and Champaign.