Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mayor and Police Commissioner Give Condolences to Kletzky Family

Mayor Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly paid a ‘shiva’ call to the grieving family of murdered 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky on Monday night.

They spent about 15 minutes in the Borough Park home of the family. Mayor Bloomberg called it “one of the saddest days in the city.”

“It is very tragic,” said the mayor, “I don’t know why God sometimes does some things. The commissioner and I expressed our condolences to the parents, grandparents and siblings. There’s not a lot else we can say.”

When the police commissioner was asked about the ongoing investigation of the crime, Kelly commented that “the investigation was going slowly.”

Levy Aron, age 35, who confessed to the murder, is a resident of Kensington, an adjoining neighborhood to Borough Park. As the investigation proceeds more of Aron’s furniture has been removed from his attic apartment where he lived with his parents, including most recently the removal of seven dining room chairs and a table.