Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eight-year-old Boy Found Dead and Dismembered

After what was an intensive, 36-hour search for eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky by police and volunteers throughout the Kensington, Borough Park and surrounding areas, the tragic truth became known, the ‘angelic,’ Hasidic boy was dead.

Levi Aron was arrested after police raided his Kensington home. They found the severed feet of the boy in Aron’s freezer; then the 35-year-old suspect led the police to the rest of the boy’s body, whose parts were dismembered and stuffed into an old suitcase and thrown into a dumpster next to an auto repair shop two miles away.

New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly held a news conference Wednesday about the gruesome incident.

 "This is every parent’s nightmare," said Kelly. "We understand that. This is what makes this case so horrific."
Kelly told the press that Aron confessed to the murder of the boy and explained to the police what happened when they asked him about the boy. Aron told the police that he had ‘panicked’ when he saw the intense search that was being conducted for Leiby, and that’s when he killed him, by first suffocating him and only afterwards dismembering him.