Monday, September 21, 2009

Tire thefts/car vandalism on the rise?

The local mailing lists for Kensington/Windsor Terrace is crawling with folks complaining that their tires are being stolen. Currently, the problem seems to be the worst right on the gray area between the two neighborhoods.
Another Car Break-in
September 17 in the mid afternoon! Location: East 5th between Vanderbilt and Greenwood (yes, next to the expressway.) Our Honda was pried into via front engine and window - we don't know what was taken - all the knobs to our heating and air conditioning are missing - we're not sure if some internal parts are missing. Waiting for police after calling 911. Whatever is decided about trying to stop these thefts, we're in.

Car Broken into on the corner of E4th & Caton
A Lexus was broken into on the corner of East 4th and Caton (Windsor Terrace side of the intersection) sometime last night. We live right there and heard nothing. No alarm, nothing. It's already been reported to the police and the owner knows.

Tires stolen in Windsor Terrace last night
Last night, around 3am, I saw two guys steal two tires off a handicap equipped minivan on E. 4th St. (near Greenwood). I was unable to tell if they were changing their own tire or up to no good. They had pulled up next to the minivan and were working in between their own car and the minivan. I was in the house in front of the cars (but on the minivan side). As soon as I realized they were in fact stealing, I yelled "Hey!" and called the police. They got two tires and drove away. The cops came by a little later. They took the info I had and said the owner would need to file a report when they woke up and found their car in the morning.

This is just a sample of some of the messages that have flown back and forth over the past three weeks. While there's plenty of blame to go around here (many folks seem ready to blame practically non-existent police presence) the question is, what can be done to curb or stop this?
The 66th precinct will have a representative at the next ANA meeting, THIS thursday, according to folks on the group:
I URGE, URGE, URGE concerned Kensington residents to come to the next ANA meeting to discuss crime with a representative from the 66th precinct.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR, THIS THURSDAY September 24th at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting is just ONE HOUR LONG and is right here in the neighborhood in the basement of the Flatbush & Shaare Torah Jewish Center (the synagogue on the corner of East 5th Street and Church Avenue). Just go down the ramp and you'll find friendly neighbors AND refreshments!
Whether or not you own a car, an increase in this type of crime does absolutely nothing for anyone. If this concerns you, and it should, please make your concerns known this thursday.