Monday, September 14, 2009

Skaller and Zuckerman

Ogden C. Kellogg
Political Correspondent
Seems as if there's only two candidates left to tell you about before tomorrow's big primary... We do hope we've been helpful in the process. As I said before, politics ain't exactly our thing. I was only promoted to Political Correspondent early last week. Prior to that I was mainly in charge of mindin' the Pot Still and doin for the fellas a bit of cleaning up.

Firstly, Josh Skaller, someone we've all seen in the neighborhood lately:

A word about Mr. Skaller: Of all the candidates, Josh is the only one we've met personally outside the context of a rushed pitch and literature transfer outside of the subway. He was kind enough, last year, to attend Festivus and introduce himself to the folks of Kensington in a more personable setting. We don't know much about Mr. Skaller's politics, so if you're looking for that sort of endorsement, try the Brooklyn Downtown Star or Howard Dean. But we do know that Josh Skaller is a regular guy who you can sit down with and have a beer... and how many politicians not named Teddy Roosevelt can you say that about?

The final candidate is one Mr. Bob Zuckerman.

Mr. Zuckerman is somewhat of a mystery. His NBC video is non-embeddable, so you'll have to click that link to see it. Secondly, he is the only candidate on this NY Times page for whom there is no fundraising information. Thirdly, we suspect Bob might be an alter-ego of Joey Slotnick.

Update: We've been contacted by the Zuckerman campaign with a link to his site, his financials, and this highly amusing video: