Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another big idea from the West Kensington Action Group

Maggie and the other kind folks at the WKAG (you may remember them from this recent victory) have come up with another grass-inspired caper to expand greenery in the 'hood:
WKAG writes:


Do you think Kensington needs more green space? Now is your opportunity to make our needs known! National (PARK)ing Day is around the corner! Friday, September 18th, join in the fun and set up your own temporary park at any metered parking spot. All you need are a few quarters for the meter and a little sod (astroturf will work in a pinch) to transform your Park(ing) spot into a Park! Then sit back and relax, have a picnic, read a book, fly a kite, whatever you want to do in your port-a-park! Just don't forget to plug the meter! Look for West Kensington Action Group's Park somewhere along Church Avenue, west of McDonald of course! For more info. contact

For pictures of past parks and guidelines, click here.
You're reading that right. On September 18th, WKAG wants you to find a metered spot, feed the meter, and turn it into a park. This plan involves having sod on hand, but you could also build a sandbox, fill it with rose petals to provide walking space for visiting dignitaries, or just set up a hammock and nap. We at the blog plan to steal 10 consecutive spots and turn them into a bowling alley. Good luck, WKAG!