Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Travel baseball for the youngins

I wish someone would tell us about an adult baseball league around here (neighborhood blog league anyone?), but if you're looking to get your little slugger in the batter's box, checkout the SFX Huskies.

Here's the (3-2) pitch from Steve Reiser:
Kensington resident and SFX Youth Sports board member, Steve Reiser, is pleased to announce that the SFX Huskies will begin trying out new players aged 7-15 for its travel baseball program beginning next Saturday, January 10 at the SFX gym located at 752 President St, off of 6AV. Click here for info or email me directly at for more details. SFX Youth Sports also has an instructional program for all players that do not make one of the Huskies teams. No child is turned away!
Getting your own kid involved in a competitive baseball team now is probably our only chance at grooming some players for a successful Mets pennant bid in 10 years. So please, for the good of the city, consider this.