Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Restaurant Wars, Round 2

The votes are in and the tribe has spoken. After meeting some stiff resistance early on from To B Thai, Am-Thai pulled away from the pack and is now worthy of being coronated "Best Thai food in Kensington." Congratulations, Am-Thai! Allow us to present you with this bronze star graphic which can be bartered for fresh water in the event of nuclear apocalypse.

We'd also like to note that this week's Yelp - Brooklyn newsletter included some nice words about runner-up To B Thai.
If you happen to be kicking around Kensington, Marcus V recommends 2 B Thai for "inexpensive, awesome Thai food on a quiet corner in an unpretentious neighborhood."
And now, on to round 2.

Best neighborhood pizza is a topic of conversation that has historically lead to fisticuffs in taverns and brothels the world over. We expect nothing less now. Vote for your favorite pizzeria in the poll on the right and then use the comments section below to arrange times and places to fight about it. I personally prefer Little Tonino's and will meet anyone who says different in front of Walgreen's at 3pm. Bring nunchucks.