Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Restaurant Wars, Round 4

Restaurant Wars, Round 3 was sort of like watching a bunch of third-graders take on Usain Bolt and a cannonball in the hundred meter dash. Yummy Taco and El Gavilan practically crossed the finish line before the other runners were done clumsily tying their shoes. But Kensington has spoken. Yummy Taco, who narrowly defeated the more authentic (and more expensive) El Gavilan, is apparently the favorite on this list. May they wear their beautiful one-of-a-kind badge , recast from the bronze codpiece of Hector of Troy, with pride for the rest of their days.

And now, on to the nominations for Round 4

There's no shortage of Chinese options within the boundaries of Kensington, so there's probably no need to branch out. Sound off in the comments with your nominations for local Chinese restaurants!