Friday, December 12, 2008

NYC Icy on thin ice?

A reader writes:
NYC ICY is offering soups for the winter because NOBODY is going in there. Let's not let another great local business fail. They offer gourmet ices and sherbets. They have sophisticated flavors like Grapefruit basil ice, Apricot Ginger etc but also stuff kids like such as Fire Engine Red Ice. The Sherbets are really good too but no Ice Cream per se. They sell it by the pint which is great to bring to a dinner party and the flavors change all the time. The owners live in the neighborhood. Business has been SO SLOW that they are thinking of closing for at least the season. I heard they are offering soups. It would be great to get people to start going there before we lose yet another business over here.
I personally stand guilty of not patronizing this local business, but it was only due to ignorance. I only saw it for the first time three days ago and got this email yesterday. It sounds delicious, different, and the sort of thing we should support. Yelpers seem to agree that it's a fine establishment. So go buy some water ice! Or some soup! It is your civic duty to bolster the local economy in this time of recession.

NYC Icy can be found near the corner of Church Avenue and Coney Island Avenue.