Monday, June 20, 2011

Three Hundred Trees to Grow in Brooklyn

The Nets are moving to a new location in Brooklyn and with them will come three hundred new trees to beautify parks all over the borough.

Together with Lawns by Yorkshire, the Nets sponsored a green initiative this past year which they called “Threes for Trees.” The deal was that for every three-point field goal that the Nets made during their games this past season they would donate one tree. By the end of the season they had scored 459 three-pointers, which translated into 459 maple trees.

The trees will be planted this coming autumn in parks all over Brooklyn, as well as in Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey. Branch Brook Park is the place where the Nets have been playing as their temporary base until they make their move to their permanent home in Barclays Center at Prospect Heights next year. Brooklyn will get the vast majority of the trees, 300, while the remainder will be planted at the New Jersey location.