Sunday, June 19, 2011

Annoyed Neighbor Paints Dogs Quiet

A Kensington, Brooklyn man became so fed up with the incessant barking of his neighbor’s dogs, that he climbed to the roof of his home and shot the dogs right in their faces; with a paint-ball gun.

Twenty-six year old Daniel Lacin, originally from Switzerland, could no longer abide the non-stop yapping of his neighbor’s pit bull mixes. The dogs, a one-year-old pit bull-terrier mix named Baby, and a 3-year-old pit bull-mastiff called Birdie, were barking at nearby construction workers at about 11am last Wednesday.

I wonder if the dogs learned their lesson? I sure hope Lacin has since he was charged with injuring and torturing animals, weapon possession, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. The owners' dog, Peter Wojcik complained to Lacin about the injuries his dogs suffered.

The real lesson here is that neighbors need to learn to live with each and respect their boundaries and please don't take the law into your own hands.