Thursday, June 23, 2011

Learning to Cook in Kensington

Modeled on the popular TV show “Iron Chefs,” a new program has been developed in Kensington to teach local kids not only to cook, but to cook healthy. 

The program is called, “Teen Battle Chef,” and puts the kids in competition to come up with the tastiest and most healthy food offering that they can come up with. Originality and creativity is a large part of the criteria for which team takes home the bacon, I mean prize.

The competitions are weekly events that are held at the Brooklyn Commune, a local restaurant. Each weekly the winner goes on to compete in the following week’s competition, until the winner of the final round is chosen at the end of the month. The final winners will have their recipe placed on the menu at this popular restaurant.

Veronica Guaman-Meyer is a trained chef and runs the “Teen Battle Chef” program.
"We basically took kids who had no idea about cooking or nutrition, but they were eager to learn."