Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kensington's IHM Catholic school to merge

We hardly knew ye

A hot topic on a local mailing list, it seems likely that the school at Immaculate Heart of Mary on Fort Hamilton will be closing at the end of the year to merge with Holy Name on Prospect Park West.

From nytimes.com:
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn proposed Monday to close at least 14 of its elementary schools as part of a reorganization that officials said they hoped would stem a steady decline in enrollment that has plagued Catholic school systems nationwide for decades.

Some schools would close to merge with others. In Brooklyn, Immaculate Heart of Mary would move into Holy Name. In Flushing, Queens, St. Michael and St. Ann schools would close to consolidate with St. Mary’s Nativity. (Read whole story)
This seems to be rather distressing for parents of IHM students, although Holy Name is by all reports a fine school. Anyone have any insider info on the particulars?