Thursday, January 15, 2009

Help Sean Casey Animal Rescue win a Makeover!

Sean Casey Animal Rescue is in the running to win a Million Dollar Shelter makeover, which will create room for more animals in the shelter, and help find homes for more animals who won't otherwise have a chance.
We ask that each volunteer commit to earn 100 points a day on zootoo, a site that is like Myspace for pets. The contest goes from now until March 13th but other rescues are working hard and fast!

To earn 100 points a day is easy:
  • 50 points for each friend you refer who signs up.- as many as you want
  • 200 for every pet you adopt from Sean Casey Animal rescue.
  • Up to 3 videos of your pet per day at 25 points each.
  • Up to 5 photos of your pets per day at 15 points each.
  • Two journal entries on anything for 15 points each.
  • Rate 3 pet products per day for 20 points each.
  • Comment on up to 5 news articles on zootoo for 5 points each
  • up to 5 pet wars per day at 1 point each.
  • And answer one question (many different topics) per day for 4 points.
That's a total of 324 points per day, without adopting! So you don't need to do all of it just some. The more points you earn, the more you're helping. We need everyone's help! More volunteers who consistently help are great even if they earn less. But a CORE group of volunteers is needed.

Just follow the link to begin:
Make sure your supporting Sean Casey Animal Rescue and Shelter zip code 11218!!
Thank you for your help and support!
This is a great local organization that could use our support. Let's all do our part to help.