Friday, January 9, 2009

An open letter to Am-Thai: still awesome

Dear Am-Thai Chili Basil,

The previous post that occupied this space, a post about your health inspection, was, in retrospect, a bad idea since yours was basically on par with the other local restaurants. I've taken it down in acknowledgement that posting it without at least posting similar information about other restaurants was probably a mistake (especially since it's personally my favorite Thai restaurant in the 'hood)

Completely my fault. Jake has washed his hands of this terrible post. I have flogged myself 300 times with a fistful fettuccine, as my ancestors were wont to do when they erred as grievously as I have. I have stopped short of the ceremonial self-lynching only long enough to redeem myself to you and the good residents of Kensington, who deserve much better than the sub-par standard witnessed in the aformentioned post. I offer my apologies to the good people at AM Thai and offer them an olive branch: I will gladly eat complimentary meals every day for the rest of January to showcase my confidence in your food handling practices. Please contact me at the address on the right to work out these details.

Sheepishly, and with much chagrin,