Friday, December 14, 2007

F train Report Card - No Surprise

F line gets a C-minus (Brooklyn Paper)
“I would have given it a D. For the last six months it was horrible,” said Joyce Hardy Smith, who complained about delays and wait times.
But most riders were a little more generous than Smith.
The grades for 21 categories include:
• Adequate room on board at rush hour: D.

• Reasonable wait times: C–.
• Minimal delays during trips: C–.
• Sense of security on trains and stations: C–.
• Station announcements easy to hear: D.
• Metrocard machines: B– (highest grade).
These results, though less than glowing, are typical of the entire system and are therefore not necessarily a useful tool for comparing the lines against each other.
Of the 11 subway lines, only the 42nd Street shuttle got into B territory (B–) and no line failed (the C train got the lowest grade, a D).
In general, F riders were harshest about crowding (surprise) and the PA announcements.