Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Daily News Takes a Look at Battle w AF over Trees

Here is the update to the Astoria Federal Savings petition requesting Astoria Federal plant a tree or put planters either with a tree or plant near the entrance of the bank (or if blocking sidewalk, then a few small planters along the wall of the bank) in an attempt to bring some green to McDonald Avenues and Church Avenues. The marketing department said no. First they said they didn't have the staff to clean the planters and this was a project that they had no interest in whatsoever. Then they said they did have the staff but that they had tried planters in that corner previously and people had filled it with "unmentionables," making this request an"unreasonable" one. (Several long time residents have stated they never saw any planters on that corner.) Astoria Federal Resists the Push for Trees (NY Daily News)

Here is contact from AF (VP of marketing) email address:BEdwards@astoriafederal.com
If you are interested in dropping a note, call or email to the following which could be equally as effective.
The CEO can be reached through:
Corporate Offices: Astoria Financial Corporation
One Astoria Federal Plaza
Lake Success, NY 11042-1085
Telephone : (516) 327-3000
e-mail : ir@astoriafederal.com