Friday, December 14, 2007

Kensington Gift Guide

1. Get a portrait of you, the family or the dog by one of our local photographers. donje photography or Rebecca Wilde.

2. Buy a Tot Stop T-shirt from local resident Jessica who started the company.

3. Try a hey punkin! onsie or t-shirt from local Mom and business creator Heather. She even has an East 4th collection based on Kensington!

4. Get a gift certificate from Nail's Plus on Church Ave.

5. Buy some yummy and delicious stocking stuffers at Dan's Select Meats

6. Buy a work of art from one of the local artists... What about Adam Welch or Maggie Tobin? We totally dig their work. (Check out the blog roll for other local artists)

7. Buy Kesington neighbor san.drine's single for a pal.

8. Buy Anya Ulnich's book Petropolis for anyone! (It was on our must read list before we knew she lived in Kensington).

9. Stop by Estelle (on Fort Hamilton) for artisan goods and knick knacks.

10. Buy the dog or cat a treat at Hamilton Dog House (on Fort Hamilton) or It's a Dog's World located on Coney Island Ave.

11. Check out this interesting jewelry from local designer Kari Beth

12. Take someone to race slot cars at Buzz-A-Rama. Need info? Try askperri AT aol DOT com Perri is better known as Buzz.

Got more to add? Put it in comments and we'll updat the list next week!