Saturday, December 14, 2019

Christmas: A Brighter Brooklyn

A bunch of local police officers have taken on a beautiful Christmas tradition over the last few years. Thanks to them, almost 100 kids will have their holiday season brightened with some wonderful Christmas gifts like other – more privileged – kids take for granted each year.

For those who happened to be at the Spring Creek (Gateway Drive)’s Target earlier this month, they would likely have bumped into some NYPD officers chaperoning kids from underprivileged families enjoying a much deserved shopping spree. One local 9 year old reported how he got a Mario Hot Wheel an other exciting gadgets. As Officer Sherry Levan-Lewis said:

“It’s an amazing, amazing experience as this is my first time and I’m so excited. Some children may not get the opportunity to go into a toy store. I love this and I’m sure the children are ecstatic about it and their hearts are beating really fast, as mine is.”

With $150 per kid, it really will be a brighter Brooklyn Christmas!