Saturday, November 30, 2019

Kent Towers

With an abundance of light, green space and community amenities, the towers on Kent Avenue, Brooklyn are becoming a fabulous architectural landscape site. Architectural firm ODA is the brains behind this development taking a step away from classic New York residential towers.

In this Williamsburg project designs, most units come out as corner apartments. This is a fascinating way to please everyone since usually the four corner apartments are the most expensive due to their popularity. So ODA solves that issue.

“ODA is relatively new in the architectural playing field,” said Olivia McCormick who has long dabbled in architecture and interior design, mainly for her family and friends. “And that’s what makes its success and recognition so impressive. It’s designs are somewhat off the beaten track but they are gaining popularity at incredible speed.”

Corner apartments in this particular venue are even more welcome given the location – right alongside the waterfront. As such every unit is subject to incredible views that almost seep into their apartments.

“When I first saw the design and then thereafter the actual tower,” reminisces retired architect Moshe Victor Keinig, I was blown away. ODA really knows what they are doing. I would love to one day purchase a unit at the towers,” he added.

Who could blame him? With views of the east river, Williamsburg bridge and areas of Downtown Manhattan these really will be prime locations. The towers take up four addresses from 416-420 Kent Avenue. The first one on 416 is now finished and each one will have more than 20 stories with over 850 units. Affordable housing will comprise 20 percent of this (those will be the only ones not in the corner status).