Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Running Wild

I have recently started to get into running.  Yeah I know, it's not something that my friends would have thought of, but I decided to start keeping in shape.  Luckily my friend from work Frank Storch is an avid marathon runner and he gave me some tips. 

  • Drink lots
  • Don't try to accomplish too much too fast
  • Stretch both before and after
  • Always run at the same time everyday
  • Pick a target and don't stop until you get to it

Frank seem to have his running down.  He is infact trraining already for the Baltimore Marathon, which is in October.  I for one haven't run with him because he is in Cobble Hill and I am here in Kensington, but I hope to join him in a few weeks.  He runs over the Brooklyn Bridge and up the East Side of Manhattan.  That's a little too much for me right, now, but you never know.

Learn more about Frank Storch here!