Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mixed Reviews on Kensington Aerobics and Fitness

The Kensington Aerobics and Fitness facility located on Caton Avenue (between 2nd and 3rd Streets) has been getting some extremely mixed reviews with some loving it and others feeling it is not such a good deal.  However, on doing a comparative price investigation, it does seem that the deal being offered at the center really is pretty unbeatable.  It is true that some of the cardio machines are not always in working order and on the gym’s upper level it is not suitable for taller people to use machinery there due to its low ceiling, but other than that, one really can get a great workout in.

People can always find something to complain about and one of the gripes is the music.  Yet really this shouldn’t be such a big deal since exercisers can also bring their own music on headphones.  Another criticism is that there is no option for a trial membership but one can get a pretty good idea of what is available by checking it out first. As well, at $420 a year, that’s pretty impressive.

Some people enjoy a relaxing sauna after a workout too but that has been (not-so-strategically) placed in the men’s locker room and some complain it does not really heat up adequately.

In addition, there are various classes available such as: abs, Pilates, spinning and more.  there is no swimming pool but the hours are great too – Monday through Thursday, 5 am ‘til 12 midnight; Friday ‘til 10pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8am ‘til 8pm).