Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Children of Deceased Kensington Woman Say It Took Seven Days to Tell Them Mom Died in Hospital

The son and daughter of an elderly woman, Catherine Hawa, say it took New York Community Hospital seven days to inform them of their mother’s demise.
Catherine Hawa with Family 1966

The brother and sister, Michael and Jeanette Hawa say their mother passed away on November 16th, but they were only informed of that fact on November 23rd. Jeanette says that she was preparing to visit her mother at the Midwood hospital when she received a call from someone at the hospital telling her that her mother was dead and had already been in the morgue for seven days.

Michael says that he also received a call from a hospital staff worker on the same day, telling him that his mother was dead, but offering no explanation for the delay.

“I really don’t know why we didn’t call you,” he said she told him.

Born in Indianapolis, Catherine moved to Brooklyn when she married Edward Hawa in 1946. Hawa was a well-known figure at the McCrory’s department store in downtown Brooklyn where she sold greeting cards.

Hawa lived in Kensington until the time of her death at the age of 89, on East 5th Street, and was involved in several neighborhood groups like the Friends of Kensington, a fundraising organization for the Kensington Library, of which she was the president.